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Scotty Mikhail Ivanovich (1814-1861)

The Italian Russian-born Mikhail Scotty was born in St. Petersburg. Early lost his parents, he was raised in the home of the famous artist and teacher of the Academy of Fine Arts , AE Egorova . Mastered the art skill as a guardian of the house, and as a student of the Academy of Fine Arts volnoprihodyaschego.

After graduating from the Academy (1835) made a living writing and creative portraits of famous nobles. With one of the patrons (Count Kutaisov) went to Italy.

Obviously, the inner artist's temperament quickly tuned into a feverish than in Russia, the life of the Italian society. It was during these years of his first stay in Italy (1839-1844) MI Scotty created his best paintings related to the life and customs of the Italians.

After returning to Russia worked on the paintings of churches, portraits and taught at the Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture (1849-1856).

In 1856, an academic and professor at the Academy of Arts, MI Scotty is leaving Russia, this time for good. In recent years he lived, perhaps closer to him on the genes of Italy.

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