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Breathers Nicholas (1880-1912)

Breathers Nicholas, Russian painter, representative of symbolism, one of the most important painters of the circle of "Blue Rose". He was born in Moscow on 17 (29) December 1880 in the family of the owner of the candle factory. Engaged in the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1893-1904) at the Isaac Levitan , Valentin Serov , Korovin , and the Higher Art School in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1904-1911). Member of the exhibition "Blue Rose" (1907), as well as exhibitions "World of Art", "Union of Russian Artists" salons "Golden Fleece". He lived in Moscow and since 1908 - in St. Petersburg.

Already in the early, impressionistic things Sapunov (Blossoming apple tree, circa 1900, Tretyakov Gallery) his talent colourist, literally living color. Usually preferred tempera. In addition to landscapes, still lifes willingly wrote, as if symbolizing - the motives of flowers and antique porcelain - beauty as such (blue hydrangeas, 1907, ibid; Porcelain figurines and Roses, 1912, Russian Museum). Over the years, the main place in his painting took the image of the "World Theatre" (Masquerade, 1907, Tretyakov Gallery, Carousel, 1908, Russian Museum), the more so that the master cooperated with the theaters of Moscow and St. Petersburg (Komissarzhevskaya, K . N.Nezlobina, "Studio on Cook", "House of Interludes"). Of particular importance to Sapunova had the experience of participation in the formulation of Puppet Show at AABloka Komissarjevskaya (1906). Developed a special type of "pictures of the play" beautiful action that drew the illusion of art as colorful and fragile shell sinister chaos (Dance of Death on the plot of the play F.Vedekinda, 1907, meeting at the Mystic story of Blok's Puppet Show, 1909, both work - the Tretyakov Gallery ).

Breathers untimely death, drowned during a boat ride near Terijoki (now Zelenogorsk) in the vicinity of St. Petersburg 14 (27) June 1912.

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