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Prokhorov (old man with Gorodtsa) (the beginning of the XV century)

Prokhorov Gorodtsa name is mentioned in the annals of Trinity in 1405, which says: "The toe is often podpisyvati spring stone Annunciation Church on the great courtyard of the prince, not the one ven stands now, the wizards byahu Theophanes yes Prokhorov, the old man with Gorodtsa, yes monk Rublev , but the same summer and konchasha "(Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles, Trinity Chronicle of 1405).

 Prokhorov Gorodtsa - Gorodetsky monk monastery, he was determined to consecrate the rest of his life to his favorite pastime - iconography.
Prokhorov was many miles from Gorodtsa, before you hit the white-stone Moscow and met with great painter of ancient Russia , Andrei Rublev , became his companion and collaborator .

Prokhorov Gorodtsa - painter Moscow school of painting beginning of the XV century, the prospective teacher of Andrei Rublev . Annals of calls Prokhorov "old man." Together with Theophanes the Greek and Andrei Rublev in 1405 participated in the painting of the Annunciation Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. He allegedly belong to the icon "The Last Supper", "Ascension", a series of images of the prophetic rank.

Brushwork Prochor different picturesque freedom, beautiful colorful combinations, lush patches of light, fast-moving strokes. Characteristically they are portrayed figures - with sharp little noses and tiny hands that are characterized by harmony and grace.

Prokhorov speaks master vizantiruyuschego direction, a direct successor of the traditions of the Greeks who had been studying at the Moscow masters XIV century - Goitana, Seeds and Ivan.

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