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Pleshanov Pavel Fedorovich (1829-1882)

The course of study at the Academy of Fine Arts Paul F. Pleshanov went pretty well (under the direction of FA Bruni novice painter received three silver and a small gold coin), but not very well (to the main - a gold medal, which gives the right to a pensioner's trip abroad a little lasted).

 Therefore left for Europe in 1854 at his own expense, where the benefit to improve their skills spent three years. In 1857, P. Pleshanovs comes to great success - his picture on a historical subject "Tsar Ivan the Terrible and the priest Silvester during the great fire in Moscow June 24, 1547" brought the artist the title of Academician. In the future, PF Pleshanov writes a lot of images of church and secular portraits. Among its customers - known in the Russian people and members of the imperial family. In 1869, the artist behind the picture Assassination of Prince Dmitry Ivanovich in Uglich received the title of professor of historical and portrait painting.

 PF Pleshanov regularly participates in academic, national and international exhibitions. For example, in 1872 in London demonstrates his "Portrait of Prince," and in 1876 in Philadelphia - a portrait composition "Italian." Further recognition of the merits of PF Pleshanovs in fine art, he was elected in 1877 a member of the Academy of Fine Arts, the work in which he gives the last years of his life.

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