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Pelevin Ivan Andreyevich (1840-1917)

Vladimir Stasov, a leading national art and music critic of the second half of the XIX century, has had a significant impact on the development of Russian art. In their assessments, he visited subjective, often harsh, considering that such a position is more consistent with the formation of ethnic and realism in Russian art culture. For example, in one of his articles he makes the suggestion row artists, among whom was Ivan A. Pelevin, for the fact that they are "easily moved from scenes of the real, modern life, they are by nature a close and well-known, in an image which they have shown a lot of giftedness, to historical subjects, to which they had no longer any power ... ".

 At the time of this writing, IA Pelevin, who graduated in 1862 and received the Academy of Fine Arts in 1869 for his genre paintings of the title of academician, was the author of several historical paintings, including "Ivan the Terrible, visiting holy fool Nicola Salos in Pskov" (1877) and "Boyar Troyekurov reads Princess Sophia decree of Peter I of imprisoned her in a convent "(1878). Apparently, "a stern warning" acted - in the coming years, the artist returned to writing scenes of folk life. Known IA Pelevin and as the creator of the mosaic pieces for many famous churches of St. Petersburg.

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