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Grapes and a lemon Petrovna (1871-1955)

AP, grapes and Lebedev was the daughter of a prominent official of PI Ostroumova (second name it acquired in 1905 when she married the famous chemist SV Lebedev).

Another schoolgirl she attended primary school at TSUTR. And then studied at the College, where he was fascinated by the technique of engraving, and the Academy of Arts, where she studied painting in the studio of I. Repin .
in 1898-99. worked in Paris, perfected in painting (from J. Whistler), and engraving. A turning point in her life was in 1900, the artist debuted with his prints in the exhibition "World of Art" (which in the future is firmly linked their creativity), and then received the second prize in the competition for prints OPH Arts and graduated with the title of the artist, presenting 14 prints .

Ostroumova-Lebedeva actually the main role in the revival in Russia easel woodcuts as an independent type of work - after a long existence as of reproduction equipment; especially great merit of the artist in the revival of color prints. The original methods of synthesis of form and color, developed by it have been understood and used by many other artists. The main theme of her prints was St. Petersburg, the image of which she has devoted decades of tireless work.
Its color and black-and-white prints - as easel, combined in series ("Petersburg", 1908 - 10; "Pavlovsk", 1922-23, etc. ) and executed for books VY Kurbatova "Petersburg" (1912) and NP Antsiferova "The Soul of St. Petersburg" (1920) - still unsurpassed in accuracy and transmission of feeling the majestic beauty of the city and on the rare laconic means of expression . Playable over and over again, and yet different occasions, they have become paradigmatic and are extremely popular.

In its own interest and extraordinary were the works were created by artist impressions of frequent travel - both abroad (Italy, France, Spain, Holland), and in the country (Baku, Crimea). Some of them were executed in the engraving, and some - in watercolor. A gifted and well-trained painter, grapes and Lebedev could not work in oils because of their smell made her asthma attacks. But it is perfectly mastered a difficult and moody watercolor painting techniques and worked her whole life, creating superb landscapes and portraits ("Portrait of the Artist IV Ershov," 1923 "Portrait of Andrew White," 1924 "Portrait of the artist ES Kruglikova ", 1925, etc.).

War, grapes and Lebedev held in besieged Leningrad, leaving your favorite things and completing work on the third volume of "Autobiographical Notes". The last years of the artist's life were overshadowed by the impending blindness, but as long as it was possible, she continued to work.

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