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Neff, Timofei Andreyevich (1804-1876)

Its official title of senior Russian artist Carl Timoleon (Timothy A.) Neff received for painting the small Church of the Winter Palace (the title of academician) and the iconostasis of St. Isaac's Cathedral (professor at the Academy) in St. Petersburg. All this testifies to the high skill of the painter, educated by private teachers and classes in one of the studios in Dresden (1823-1825)?

Trips to Italy secured the commitment of T. Neff to the canons of classicism, making him work for connoisseurs extremely attractive. (Is not that admirable image of young women in the paintings of the artist?) And among the admirers Neff were members of the imperial family. That's why there are the portraits of the painter Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna and Olga. The proximity to the royal family had a favorable circumstance for the artist - contributed to his career.

Since 1864, TA Neff, after a decade of teaching at the Academy, is the keeper of the Hermitage Art Gallery. He still works hard. His artistic skills are not only familiar to Russians. It brings European recognition painter. He was elected a member of the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts.

 With major works by the same TA Neff today can be found in leading museums of native art - in the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery, where they proudly represent Russian art of the middle of the XIX century.

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