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Mordvins Alexander Nikolayevich (1800-1858)

Not only in Russian literature, but also in Russian painting had its own column. Traditionally the children of the nobility at the beginning of the XIX century was not accepted to teach in special art schools. Perhaps that's why the son of a famous Russian statesman, Admiral NS Mordvinova Alexander Mordvinov (the future Earl) did not get a formal education picturesque. Just during a trip to Italy (1832-1833) was a young Mordvinov perform sketches from nature that on his return to St. Petersburg embodies the picture. And then - well-known situation. Lines and colors riveting capable of drawing rights. Earl A. Mordvins started painting in earnest until the end of his days. He enjoys the advice and lessons of famous artists, a lot of running. His views of the cities in which he visited, show a high performing skills. In many of his landscapes, painted in accordance with the requirements of classicism, the artist brings their own vision and elements of performance art. So, pink mist over the middle ground of the majestic cathedral as it outlines a departure from the purely academic requirements.

 Known AN Mordvins the fact that painted still lifes - trompe l'oeil, rare in the XIX century, the picturesque view of creation, when the artist is in accordance with the myth of ancient Greece is trying its authentic image of the object to mislead the uninitiated spectators.

 Well, Earl A. Mordvins, as well as our other great columns in the literature, proving that art is not important to the origin, and the talent, hard work, good luck.

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