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Miturich Peter V. (1887-1956)

Graphic artist and painter, studied at the Kiev Art School (1906-09) and the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1909-15), by H. Samokish. PV Miturich embarked on a creative way in a close circle of young artists from St. Petersburg, united search for a lively and keen artistic language, but not in this case rejected the traditional foundations of descriptiveness.

In a picturesque portrait of the composer A. Lurie, written Miturich in 1915, summarized spot colors do not match with the boldly thrown over them sharp contours of the face and figure, which creates a sense of motion and energy. Quick, childishly simple design inspires a book for children, "A Tale of literate children" (1919) and a music collection A. Lurie "Piano in the child" (1920).

However, the main place to work Miturich took his numerous drawings with ink, pencil or charcoal. Sketched from nature landscapes with moderate acute revealed rhythms of trees, houses, fences create a sense of extraordinary artist gazing into space (the cycles of landscapes depicting the vicinity of the village Santalovo, 1922; Khvalynsk, 1926-29).

The portraits Miturich ease-quiet poses a very capable people with a sense of intense inner life ("Portrait of Vera Khlebnikov," 1924 "Portrait of a violinist", 1925, etc.).
Especially dramatic difference between the two intently drawing depicting the VV Khlebnikov , who died in front of Miturich (1922). Friendship with him, admired his work gave rise to a series of works Miturich in which he tried to graphically express the spirit of the innovative poetry of Khlebnikov, together with the texts of poems them rhythmically related graphics - patterns of branches or simply crossing lines, with the movement of handwritten lines.

In 1922 the artist moved to Moscow. His later paintings come closer to a particular kind, to a lesser extent subordinate to its acuteness of concentrated experience. But they retain the artistry bold strokes, with impeccable precision clinging space and form, in all of them the same freshness of perception and live the fullness of creative dialogue with nature (a series of landscapes of Kislovodsk, 1933, Sudak, 1937 and 1939, Hosts, 1955, portraits of contemporary artists ).

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