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Medunetsky Konstantin (1899-1935)

He studied at the Stroganov School of Industrial Art in the scenic design department since 1914 (in 1918 renamed as I GSHM).

 In 1919 he was among the students GSHM, who organized the "Society of Young Artists" (Obmohu) - N.F.Denisovskogo, A.I.Zamoshkina, V.P.Komardenkova, Stenberg brothers, S.Ya.Svetlova, and A.I.Naumova other. Participated probably in all exhibitions Society (1919,1920,1921,1924) in Moscow, putting in abstract spatial structure. S1920 INKhuK member.

 In1921 organized together with the Stenberg brothers in Moscow "Poets' Cafe exhibition" constructivists "(exhibited her" Tsvetokonstruktsii "). Catalog was published manifesto.

 He worked for the Moscow Chamber Theatre. V1923 with Stenberg visited Paris (in the troupe on its tour), visited the workshop of Pablo Picasso. V1924 creates together; Stenberg brothers sketches of the scenery for the play by Alexander Ostrovsky "The Storm" for the same theater.

 V1925 with S.Kostinym worked on models of kiosks for the Soviet pavilion at the Paris International Exhibition. From the beginning of his artistic career working together: Stenberg brothers, but only in the second half of the 1920s was the one to carry out orders (mainly in the theater).

 Exhibitions: Berlin, 1922; 1st Discussion Exhibition of active revolutionary art. Moscow, 1924 (he was in a group of Constructivists) International Exhibition of art and decorative arts. Paris, 1925, 2 nd exhibition film posters. Moscow, 1926, and others.

 K.K.Medunetsky, one of the first yunetruktivistov, representing that part of the motion that was oppositional utilitarian "production" art. However, by the mid-1920s this opposition has lost its edge and reality.

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