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Andrey Matveev Matveevich (1701-1739)

Andrey Matveev Matveevich-famous Russian portrait painter, one of the founders of Russian secular painting, master of monumental and decorative art, the first Russian foreign retiree who has received a full academic education, the first head of the team in picturesque St. Petersburg Office of the buildings (1731-1739 gg.).

Only thirty-seven years of life have been released Andrei Matveyev - an artist whose art of painting "has identified distinctive bright face Russian art of the XVIII Century" and was a milestone in its development.

Biography of the painter, made up the crumbs tireless researchers are still teeming with white spots. According confessional books were found only born Matveeva and determine that he was originally from the commoners. But neither the place of birth, nor the name of the father, and hence his middle name, is still unknown.

In "Art Newspaper" in the middle of the XIX century. unknown author without reference to any sources told about the legendary meeting of St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod fifteen Andrew with Peter I, who persuaded him to go with him to St. Petersburg to study the picturesque craft. however, nothing special in this meeting there. Tsar-reformer and builder ever felt the need for specialists and talented young men gathered across Russia and then sent to the training school for foreigners. And if one is interested in his craft and science, in 1716 g.eto desire to spread to all the arts. First paintings of Peter pensioners went to different countries and cities. Nikitin brothers were sent to Florence, four architects - to Rome. Matveyev was trained in his favorite 1 Peter Holland, Amsterdam in the studio of the famous portrait painter Arnold Shalkena. Watching Fandenburg retired agent said that only one student does not give him any trouble. Andrew did not drink, did not terrorized, and worked hard, and showed outstanding ability and diligence. And in the fourth year of study, he reports in a letter to Catherine I of the results of studies in St. Petersburg, and sends two of his paintings. "That is partret Your Majesty, I have a slave named below Vashj copied from the master of my own. Herein partret master agent Fandenburha. " Two years later, Matveev again sends its work in Russia (not saved), and, to all appearances, they were filled with enough skill to budding student allowed to continue their education. Dec. 6, 1723 Andrew was admitted to the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts (Belgium), where his teacher was an unknown artist of our time Sperver. Teachers famed academy, warmed by the rays of glory Rubens gave Matveev good training. From pensioner years, constituting half of his adult life, there is still a lot of bills to pay and all four pictures: one allegorical, mythological and two portrait. Expressing his condolences over the death of Peter I, Catherine 1 Matveev presents "Allegory of Painting" (1725) , performed watercolor technique on oak.  And if the "Allegory of Painting" made ​​it in grayscale technology, with soft glaze, the intimate, without the royal regalia "Portrait of Peter I» free and easy painted on canvas. All academic work confirms that Matveev mastered different brushwork, perfectly mastered the compositional structure and characteristics of diverse works. Matveyev in Russia back in 1727 by an experienced craftsman European level, self-reliance, and immediately was able to take a position equal to the "First Court painter " L.Karavaku . The situation in the country in the late 1720s and early 1730s. little disposed to creativity. Reigning persons, often gives way to the throne, were not interested in Russian art, and especially the fate of the young artist. Anna Ivanovna reigned eradicated all the talented Russian. It was a time of arrests, links (brothers Nikitin) Executions (P.Eropkin, A. Volyn), ongoing festivities and the dominance of foreign temporary worker. Thus, the place of chief of the St. Petersburg Office of the buildings occupied former hairdresser A. Karmedon. Under the direction of this "talent" had to work Matveyev. Saved only a lack of "scenic artists", and he was inundated with numerous art works. There just did not perform assignments received an academic education Andrew! His skill was multi-faceted and versatile icons, painting ceilings and triumphal gate, ornaments, portraits, ongoing repair and restoration of monumental and decorative pieces ...

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