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Makovsky Zhukovsky (1841-1886)

The artist-genre painter and master of the urban landscape. The son of the founder of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture EI Makovsky, the average of the brothers artists Makovsky.

He graduated from the courtly architecture school, the Academy joined the department of architecture and after it served as an architectural assistant at the Ministry of the Imperial Court. One of the founders of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions.

 In 1873 he received the title of class artist II degree. He was fond of architectural views.

 After traveling to Egypt (1874) has created a number of stunning works of the genre in which architecture is the basis of the external environment of the plot ("Cairo", 1874, RM, "In Cairo", 1874, the Perm Regional Art Gallery, "Street in Cairo", 1877, Yaroslavl Art Museum, "Street in Cairo", 1876, RM). They Nikolai Makovsky distinguished himself as a great master of aerial perspective and chiaroscuro modeling volume.

Author kinds of historical part of Moscow ("View of Moscow", after 1881, RM, "I Krutitsa towers in Moscow," GTG; "Annunciation Cathedral in Moscow, 1884, RM), clearly transmitting the style of the ancient architecture of Moscow, on a small scale decisive task panoramic coverage area.

In the later paintings of the so-called Ukrainian series ("On the arable land", 1882, TG, "Fair", 1886, RM, etc.) manifested a new painting style of the artist - a broad and loose, colorful shapes clinging mass.

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