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Makhaev Mikhail Ivanovich (1718-1770)

The main living field of the famous Russian painter and engraver middle of the XVIII century. MI was defined Makhaeva not at once. Eleven years old he was sent to study at the Academy of the Admiralty.

In 1731, he was sent, along with several other students in the workshop of the Academy of Sciences on instrumental skills (making theodolites and other devices necessary for the withdrawal of plans and preparation of maps.)
Three years later the young man was transferred to the workshop and landkartnogo slovoreznogo case to the master- engraver GI Unfetsahtu. Here Makhaev lingered for a long time. At the beginning of the 1740s. he was considered the best lettering specialist and in the absence of Unfetsahta actually performing his duties.

Very large role in the development of Makhaeva different types of Russian fonts. He personally wrote the lyrics to the diplomas are handed over to the newly elected an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences, including the Lomonosov and VK Trediakovsky. Later, in 1752, it was tasked to perform Makhaeva compiled Lomonosov silver lettering on the boards of the tomb of Alexander Nevsky.

In the 1740s. Makhaev voluntarily began attending drawing classes at the Academy of Sciences, led by renowned designer J. Valeriani. In 1745, the officially stated Makhaeva learn "pershpektam" that is the correct perspective view of the architectural wonders. And here was a leader who knew his science perspective Valeriani.

In fact Makhaev became Russia's first master in this field. And as it turned out - on time. New Russian capital a little more known in Europe. To remedy this situation and to celebrate the approaching 50th anniversary of St. Petersburg, it was decided to publish a plan for the capital. Then - to add his "views" "most illustrious of public buildings in the city" and to publish them as an album. Removal of species assigned Makhaeva. In the work, the artist used the camera obscura - an optical device that allowed by a system of lenses and mirrors to get on a sheet of photographic exact image of the observed object.

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