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Krendovsky Yevgraf Fedorovich (1810-1854)

The destiny of man and the artist Yevgraf Fedorovich Krendovsky not quite typical of Russian painters of the first half of the XIX century. After receiving the initial art education in Arzamas School of Painting AV Stupin, a young Yevgraf Krendovsky in 1830, is coming to St. Petersburg to stay in school , AG Venetsianov .

 In addition, obstinate boy volnoprihodyaschim student takes lessons at the Academy of Fine Arts (1830-1835). Apparently, the final picture of E. Krendovsky the Academy was the painting "The Throne Room of Empress Maria Feodorovna in the Winter Palace" (1835). The picture clearly failed artist. He could build on their success over time and become famous painter.

However, in 1836, EF Krendovsky goes to his small home - in Kremenchug, where he lives and works in the estate landowner VM Ostrogradskii. He teaches drawing and painting children's mistress and the estate paints, which bear the imprint of his time at school pioneer folk genre Alexei Venetsianov.

 Reached us quite a bit of the artists - a little more than twenty of his paintings, miniatures, watercolors. This picture is typical for creativity EF Krendovsky: a clear cursive characters not only "fees", but also the interior and household items. Since 1854 no information about the artist. He passed his way from the "throne room ..." before the departure of the unknown. Maybe he was happy on the way.

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