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Karazin Nicholas (1842-1908)

Watercolorist, illustrator, battle painter, writer and journalist Nikolai Karazin lived extraordinarily interesting and eventful life.

Direct grandson of the founder of Kharkiv University, N. Karazin - from twenty years member of the Turkestan military expedition. His military achievements are marked by awards and golden arms. But it is not only interested in the battles of young people. His children's craving for drawing it implements the conquest of Turkestan that by participating in a scientific expedition on the Amu Darya, creates hundreds of drawings, carrying cool stuff on the ethnography of the Central Asian region. In the mid-1870s NN Karazin sent to the Serbian-Turkish War, where in fact the first time in Russia is becoming a military journalist and illustrator. Artist achieves great success in the implementation of watercolor paintings. He is one of the founders of the Society of Russian watercolors and a regular participant of its exhibitions.

 In the late 1880s, NN Karazin refers to the writing of significant size oil paintings, many of the artist takes on the order of Emperor Alexander III. Most canvases echo the famous cycle of Turkestan another witness resistance Russian troops - VV Vereshchagin .

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