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Gzell George (1673-1740)

Swiss painter and art dealer, connoisseur of ancient art.

In 1717 in Amsterdam at the auction met with Peter 1, and was invited by him in Russia.

In St. Petersburg, engaged in collecting and storing the imperial collection of paintings,
 he worked as a painter-decorator (cave paintings in the Summer Garden 1719,
 the Summer Palace,
 13 paintings with images of the apostles and evangelists and "Crucifixion" in the Lutheran Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. 1729,
 "a picture of a Dome "and 9 images passionate cycle for the Peter and Paul Cathedral, 1728 - 31;
 mural crown triumphal gate in 1731, and 69 "transparent paintings on canvas" for the triumphal gate at Trinity Pier) and portrait (portrait AP Volyn. GTG;
portrait of Count PA Tolstoy, 1722-27, RM).

 He taught drawing at the Academy of Sciences. He worked in the Baroque style, but became famous for his naturalistic works - images Kunstkamery rarities, among which were the portrait of "the bearded Russian women" and "Her image is naked," portrait "Giant Nicholas Bourgeois" (1717-24, RM) - royal Haiduk. In the latter artist was unable to pass a huge increase in men - 2 m 27 cm, but it is very clearly portrayed him inordinately large hands and childishly naive, guileless expression. 

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