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Andrei Goncharov (1903-1979)

AD Goncharov was a versatile artist: painter and engraver, the master of monumental painting and decorator. However, the most important contribution he has made to the art of the book.

He studied in the second GSHM Goncharov (1918-20) and the Higher Art - Vhuteine ​​(1921-27) in I. Mashkov , A. Shevchenko . But his main teacher was B. A. Tabor , who passed Goncharov not only artistic technique, but also his understanding of art and its challenges and opportunities.

Even as a student in 1924, he became an assistant professor at the rate of Tabor graphic disciplines. "And the rest of his life teaching at various art institutions. Chilly, perfected the technique of wood engraving Goncharov subjected to its active temperament, really made a world of violent passions, mobility and compositional sharpness, bold contrasts of black and white silhouettes background book page, which often come out of the closed space illustration of his characters.

He readily applies to sudden, nepriglazhennym images of contemporary literature ("Wild People" Sun Ivanov, 1934) looking for a dramatic conflict in the historical past ("Salavat Yulaev" SP Zlobina, 1928 "Two lives Gossec" M. Gershenzon, 1933). And mastering the immense diversity of forms of world classics - from the ancient epics and dramas (Homer, Sophocles, 1935), they solved the majestic light siduetami on a smooth colored background to the mischievous grotesque in the engravings of the English novel of the XVIII century. "The Adventures of Perigrina Pickl" T. Smollett (1934), from graceful ease comedies of Lope de Vega (1954) to the tragic atmosphere thickened works of William Shakespeare (1952) and Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1970).

Both paintings Goncharova affected decade occupation strict disciplinary art prints. His works are distinguished by clarity psychologically acute poses heroes, polished silhouettes, intense simplicity of tracks, of which strongly driven excess, not to help expressive detail, strong contrasts and generalized dense masses sonorous colors.

As a muralist Goncharov participated in the design of the stations of the Moscow Metro, pavilions ENEA and Soviet pavilions at international exhibitions. For many years, the artist engaged in teaching - in Vhuteine ​​(1927-30), at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (1930-34, 1948-79). Experience in creative and educational work Goncharova dictated his books "On the Art of Graphic Art" (Wiley, 1960) and "The Artist and the Book" (Wiley, 1964).

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