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Feofilaktov Nikolai Petrovich (1878-1941)

NP Feofilaktov was born in Moscow. By the beginning of a "Libra", he managed to finish the Moscow landmark institution, but was not going to become a land surveyor. He is heavily involved in drawing, avidly read every issue of the magazine "World of Art" and soon entered the studio to the Art KFYuon . At this time Feofilaktov made ​​friends with the young NN Sapunov , SJ Sudeikin , PV Kuznetsov . Along with these artists, he participated in the opened in Saratov in 1904, the exhibition "Scarlet Rose", and later, with the same group of painters of the Symbolist, and in the exhibition "Blue Rose".

On the talent of the young graphic noticed SP Diaghilev. This opened the door Feofilaktova edition "World of Art", where he published his first work. He soon became acquainted with V.BRUSOV. Recognized as the head of the Moscow Symbolist painter attracted to work in the "Scorpion" and "Libra." Six years of "Libra" were the heyday of graphic talent Feofilaktova. He became a leading artist and the publisher and the magazine. At that time Feofilaktov lived under the spell of creativity and personality of the English graphic artist Aubrey Beardsley. No wonder it was called then "Moscow Beardsley." The force of drag Beardsley and "berdsleevskom" period of Russian graphics in general can be seen in the memoirs N.V.Kuzmina, who, like many of his contemporaries, shared this passion, "Beardsley died young - twenty-five years of consumption, and for his short life of this young man managed to create a fantastic world of images, compelling and unimaginable ... His drawings seemed miraculous to me, their bubbly, dizzy skill cause tetanus profane and an evil surprise of professionals. " About Feofilaktova NV Kuzmin said, not without irony as a master, "Beardsley polonennom for life." "Berdslianets" Feofilaktov lessons learned and sophisticated culture of "World of Art", but it is - a representative of the Moscow school of book illustrations that younger Petersburg, less strict and canonical, sometimes naive and simple-minded, lyrical and softer.

One of the first successes of graphic Feofilaktova - mark the publishing house "Scorpion". In the "Libra" he is not only the author of numerous vignettes, but the magazine covers. Published here, and he made ​​sketches of future issues. Become a "Libra" prominent, unlike others, it was difficult to irreplaceable - there cooperated Bakst , Sapunoff , Somov . And one of the rooms completely designed Borisov-Musatov . Feofilaktov not only managed to find his own face, but in many ways defined the entire graphical appearance of the magazine.

Software product Feofilaktova - sketch cover issue of "Libra", dedicated to Aubrey Beardsley. This sheet is somewhat naive in its saturation berdsleevskimi motifs and images, Moscow's generosity with braided thick, shimmering, whimsical, elegant pattern. Feofilaktov but did not have the improvisational freedom of their idol. It is most natural it felt when I was not connected rigidly conceived literary reference. Succinctly addressed one of the covers of 1907. Vibrating and trembling, feather artist weaves like a web or lace, in which confused the name of the magazine. Spot and fractional ornament surrounds the inscription itself, but the word "balance" is easily read.

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