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Felitsin Rostislav Ivanovich (1830-1904)

Rostislav Felitsin came from Moscow's middle class. Was a student of the Moscow Art class. For success in learning drawing and painting received in 1842 from the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts degree class artist. In 1843 he became a student of the Academy.

He wrote a touching picture of people's life, where the main characters were Russian woman with a hard life.

The State Russian Museum are three wonderful job, RI Felitsin: "Widow (" KIA ")" (1852), "Country Girl (In the porch of the cottage)" (1855), "Sad news (Read the letter)" (1856). Over the last two paintings the artist was awarded in 1857 the title of academician of painting folk scenes.

All work Felitsin are a lot of love and sympathy to the characters. To some extent, they are interesting witnessing a time when paintings were created because of "Widow" shows a small room in the attic, in which a young woman and lives in the wall where a portrait of a military fortified with discernible inscription: "He was killed in 1848." The same household, and other details are different paintings of the artist.

Wrote RI Felitsin and portraits of people close to him. He was a man of gentle and sympathetic to the pain of others. So he went and Russian paintings, in which compassion and mercy for others in distress, is an essential component.

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