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Esakov Ermolai Ivanovich (1790-1840)

Painter and draftsman Ermolai I. Esakov (Esaki, Isakov, Yasakov) was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he became a pupil in 1799. Worked in the studio MM Ivanov in 1809 for software web "Waterfall in mountain areas" received a small gold medal, a diploma of the first degree and location of the pensioner at the Academy.

 However, in 1810, he became a painter family home Stroganov (Count Alexander Stroganov was the president of the Academy of Arts from 1800 to 1811, Count SG Stroganov founded in 1825 by drawing a free school in Moscow). With Earl PA Stroganov EI Esakov in 1810 he made a trip to Moldova, scene of fighting against the Turkish army.

Written by the artist painting "Lesson Silistria Russian troops" was a great success. For her EI Esakov in 1811 was awarded the title of Academician. In the future, the artist did a lot of sketches and work done in pencil, watercolor, oil, with the kinds of estates, parks, interiors of houses and scenes of life. His pencil drawings belong to many of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. Interestingly, since 1824, EI Esakov combined his artistic creativity with the work of the teacher of literature in the court chapel.

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