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Endogurov Ivan Ivanovich (1861-1898)

Ivan Endogurov, as befits the son of Rear Admiral, was born in Kronstadt. After finishing grammar school he entered the law faculty of St. Petersburg University, where he successfully studied for two years. But the passion for painting led student I. Endogurova to opt for fine art.

Aspiring artist has been long and hard on their own. On the academic exhibition in 1885 he first brings to the audience his first paintings - "Early Spring," "Backyard", "Birchwood". Subsequent works by the painter exhibited the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. At the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889 II Endogurov received a silver medal. Painting a landscape painter, "Pond," "Early Spring", "Landscape", "Rain", "Moss", "Winter. Near the fire," "the pond", "Beginning of Spring" are such a significant personal charge of the sadness that this the viewer can not help feeling takes hold, causing him to lose something like the end of clarity, but a close and expensive.

In the year following the death of the young painter's widow, Vice-Admiral IA Endogurova MF Andreev founded the Academy of Art Prize for landscape painting of Brothers II and SI Endogurovyh, their sons.

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