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Denisov Aleksandr G (1811-1834)

The fate of Alexander Denisov Gavrilovic go lifestyle akin to those gifted in the artistic creativity of the people whose talent, barely begins to show in the first creations of its speakers, is cut off due to their early death.

At sixteen, young Denisov arrives in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, where his principal mentor becomes AG Venetsianov . In 1830, the academics is a large silver medal for successfully completing the painting Inside view of the garden gazebo Count Kushelev-Bezborodko from which udyat fish.

 During the training, he also wrote "Interior of the old gallery in front of the Hermitage of St. George Hall" (1829), "Farm boy with a cup of buckwheat," "Russian shepherd" (both - 1830), "The rise of the Alexander Column," "The men in the shoe Workshop "(both - 1832)," Portrait of Major Ivanov, "" Peasant Girl "(both - 1833).

In 1833, Denisov with the rank of a free artist and genre painting scenes of war left the Academy. In the same year on the highest command for the improvement of the artist in the art is sent to the pensioner's trip to Berlin. More than a year he worked under the guidance of renowned German artist and teacher K.-F. Kruger. However, the life timer counts down the last weeks and days of stay young Russian artist on this earth. Died AG Denisov in Berlin.

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