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Fedor Petrovich Chumakov (1823-1899)

Chumakov (Fedor Petrovich, 1823 - 1899) - a historical painter and portraitist, from 1834 to 1840. was raised in the St. Petersburg Theatre School, from which went to the Academy of Fine Arts pensioner Society for the Encouragement of Arts. Was it a student of Professor P. Basin .

Received during the passage of the academic year two silver medals, small and large, with the portrait sketches, was sick to stop his studies at the Academy and was awarded the title of the artist with the right to a class XIV, in 1850 he went to Italy.

On his return from there, in 1852, in favor of the academic painting exhibition, "The Girl from Albano" and "Bacchante", has been recognized as an academician.

In 1857, again went abroad and settled in Paris, where time and again exhibited his works in the cabin, one of which, "Torturing the Savior," in 1865, in particular, has earned praise and criticism of the magazine was purchased by the French government.

In 1866, he was brought to St. Petersburg big picture "of the Savior and the rich man," which was acquired by Emperor Alexander II and granted by the Academy (is it a museum). Recently, Chumakov wrote almost exclusively portraits and ideal heads of young women in the taste of Dreams.

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