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Chihachova Yekaterina (1788-1812)

A female artist in the first half of the XIX century, of course, was a rare exception among local artists (however, one can hardly argue otherwise in respect of Western European art). Single success stories of women artists called natural desire among the few members of the fairer sex are prone to izobrazitelstvu to follow their example. For Russian women from wealthy families impetus to the desire to master the skill of the painter could serve as a stay in Russia in the years 1795-1801 by the French artist EL Vigee-Lebrun, its success in high society. Over time, the St. Petersburg Drawing School was established women's section of an auditor for the students, although many could take lessons and in private studios.

 A prime example of a woman self-taught, or rather, a professional painter, a mysterious Chihachova Ekaterina, even the full name is in question. Sometimes it is defined as Chihachova Varvara.

How to be attached to the painting Ekaterina Chihachova is unknown. Apparently, the artist had other pictures, like playing here, "Children", because of family portraits in the rooms "artist-landowner Chihachovu" named among the followers AG Venetsianov .

Interestingly, the younger sister of EV Chihachovoy Ariadne married their father, who served in an official for special assignments AA Block. Their grandson was the famous Russian poet Alexander Blok.

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