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Chemesov Yevgraf Petrovich

During his short life EP Chemesov made a surprising amount. His name is associated highest achievements in the field of Russian portrait engravings in the middle of the XVIII.

Born into the landed family, Chemesov, according to the custom of the time, sixteen years has been defined in the Guards Semenov regiment. Perhaps his fate would be different from the fate of thousands of other young men like him, if not a great craving for art. Talented lieutenant noticed omnipotent favorite Igor Shuvalov. He helped Chemesova be exempted from military service and entered the Imperial Academy of Arts. And afterwards, until his forced departure from the post of president of the Academy of Arts, Shuvalov did not leave Chemesova its patronage.

Having achieved great success in the art of engraving, which was trained by GF Schmidt Chemesov in 1762 took over the engraving and printing class chamber. He also received the title of the conference Secretary of Arts. Under his "vision" engraving class has experienced a boom lasted, unfortunately, not for long.

With the advent of another favorite place Shuvalov, II Betsky, the situation deteriorated Chemesova. First he lost the title of the conference secretary, and in 1765, under the new statute of Arts, has lost not only all of the other titles, but also the right to teach. However, without waiting for the statute enters into force, Chemesov January 7, 1765 he submitted his resignation.

At this time the artist was already terminally ill. Severe shock caused by the need to leave teaching, of course, brought his death, the artist soon died of throat consumption.

The artistic heritage Chemesova small. In addition to the pencil portrait of Catherine II and the beautiful self-portrait (1765?) Survived 14 more images Russian monarchs and dignitaries. They are made in conjunction with etching and drypoint cutter. As the originals used the portraits, which was the norm for the engravers of those years. However, translating into an engraving of the original Western painters, Chemesov tend to soften the mannerisms and convention interpretation, reporting images of humanity and depth. All works are distinguished by a high artistic level, virtuoso complex engraving techniques.

But even among these brilliant designs engravings stand true masterpieces. It is dated 1760 exquisite miniature portrait of the patron of the artist, "curator Ivan Shuvalov" from the original Italian GP Rotary invited by Empress Elizabeth in Russia as a court painter, portrait of Elizabeth (1761), the original of the same Rotary, for which in 1762 . Chemesov received the title of academician, the portrait of Grigory Orlov (1764) from the original English master JL Devel. Apparently, between Chemesova and devel, with 1754 forever settled in Russia, there were friendly relations. One example of this - the last of the now well-known works Chemesova, his "Self-Portrait" (1764-65), made from the original devel. Environmental profile image engraved inscription reports that the portrait of the artist carved his own, and to draw his friend JL Devel. Indeed, only a loved one could so accurately capture and anxious to pass the painful tenderness dying person with pinpoint traits. "Self-Portrait" shows that Chemesov died in the prime of talent and skill.

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