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Bogaevsky Konstantin Fedorovich

With seven years of KF Bogaevsky not part with a pencil. His first artistic experience was oleography "Vesuvius Eruption" happened to be parents.

In Feodosia young artist took lessons from the famous marine painter I. Aivazovsky . However, a student of the master is difficult to call it, because that limited the provision of teaching ability to copy his paintings.

 Bogaevskogo not afraid of difficulties: from a young age, he made it a rule to work every day, look for the shape and the way the image constantly conducting experiments in the open air and in the studio. The artist considered a great pleasure to dedicate the entire day painting.

 In 1891 Bogaevsky entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, but pretty soon it became clear that he could not get into the "jet" training methods adopted here (copying and drawing from plaster casts.) Without waiting for contributions from the Academy, he returned to Feodosia, but this young man receives a letter that changed his destiny - the message that A. Kuindzhi interested in his sketches. So he ended up with a wonderful teacher, cherished originality talent wise "teacher of life" ( Nicholas Roerich ), which emerged from the workshop of A. Rilov , N. To Roerich , V.-K. E. Purve, AA Borisov and dr.Vmeste with Kuindzhi students are touring Europe.

 The first independent creative period Bogaevskogo marked dark colors - palette Munich artists. Prior to 1904, he absorbed the image of the tragic earth: in his landscapes, usually low horizon, something sinister lurking in the old ruins or in earth clods. These are the "Old Castle" (1902), "The desert country", etc. Then leaf begin to present a really cosmic events and drama: "Star-Wormwood", "Genoese fortress" (both 1906).

 By about 1907 is a turning point in art Bogaevskogo. How to passing a catharsis, it clears the palette of his paintings - as if they are filled with quiet, prayerful state of mind. "Quiet Plain", "Early Morning," "Pink tapestry", "Country Giants," "altars" and other paintings of 1908-09 years. They feature bright harmony. Most probably, this change in the perception of the world and work of the artist was related to his marriage.

After traveling in the years 1908-09. Italy and Greece coloring pictures Bogaevskogo changing again. His impressions of the crowd the paintings by Italian masters - Mapteni, Botticelli, Bellini. This is the time to maturity of the artist. Many years of daily work has brought freedom to own a brush. Bogaevsky always separated work from life, sketches from the creation of the picture. The idea matured in parallel classes in the open air, it was the fruit of his thinking, the concentration of impressions, dreams, fantasies.

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