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Jensen Karlovich

The artist's son K. P. Beggrova . Painter and watercolorist. Many of his works are devoted to the sea theme - type of port cities, images of famous ships ("Neva Embankment", 1876, "Le Havre", 1876, "View of St. Petersburg", 1882 "Salon battleship" Scesma "," 1902 "Venice" 1906, etc.).

Inherited from his father artistic ability, AK Beggrov nevertheless became a naval officer. Only in 1870, it is an adult, he began attending the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts as an auditor at the workshop M. Klodt .

 In 1871 - 74 years. education continued in Paris with Jean-François Bonn and AP Bogolyubov. In France, his favorite motifs were the views of coastal areas - Treport Le Havre Konkarpo. Sea for long captures the imagination of the artist, is approved as a main theme of creativity.

 However, in his early works or not yet fully independent. At this time Beggrov is influenced by the popular French seascape E. Isabey. 15 in 1873 for display in the Academy of Arts of the "View of God's fool Kanai on the island of Conde", "Imperial yacht" Power "", "steamer" Grand Duke Constantine, "" A Beggrov was awarded a small silver coin.

 Since 1874 he takes part in the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions, and in 1876 he became a full member of the partnership. In A. Beggrova in the 1870s and 80s. there is an interest to revive the landscape shapes people - staffage. Along with sea views, he writes, are now increasingly urban. VII shown in a traveling exhibition painting "Neva Embankment" (1876) marked the beginning of a cycle Petersburg landscape artist. A. Beggrov wrote not only in oils, watercolors, he worked willingly.

 In 1885, the artist was one of the founders of the "Society of Russian watercolors." Watercolors made many views of St. Petersburg, Venice, Normandy. As a naval officer and artist of the Maritime Office, Beggrov participated in several expeditions round the world. In 1899, the St Petersburg Academy of Arts honors him the title of academician of painting, and in 1912 he was its honorary member. While alive he enjoyed great fame. His works were reproduced in popular magazines like "Field", "north", "World illustration."

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