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Archangel Dmitry Ivanovich

In 1913 passed the exam at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. the title of an art teacher. Member of Artists (1933). Since 1935 he regularly takes part in scientific expeditions, Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the Volga region (Bulgars). Illustrates own literary works, including "Chuvash patterns" (1925).

Major works: linocuts, lithographs, etchings, watercolors, "the homeland of Lenin" (1938), "Monument to Lenin" (1956), "House-Museum in Ulyanovsk, Lenin" (1959) "Simbirsk" (1919-59). 

- "He taught Love. No, not taught. Himself loved, and next to it in another way it was impossible. Featuring sketches, he caressed the trees, as telling" lies "or water filled up the sky. Happy, collected into folders risunochki, watercolors - neumeki all his disciples who swarmed around him as carouse, joyful love it. "

In the thirties, he was a teacher at the School. Shatsky for child offenders. Thieves and street kids in leaky shoes and tattered hats, they chased for "dedey" In spring pools and gully, running his fingers turned blue on scraps of old wallpaper - wrote sketches. Romantic colony slogan "education and art work" made of them and the people of the Heroes: more than ten of them became Heroes of the Soviet Union and died in that damn war. Until his death, he called them by name and cried. At the end of the same thirties walking down the street of his native simbirska with a friend saw on the opposite side of the familiar. And he waved his hand. The next day his companion planted for the fascist salute on the street. And he fled from his native city in turmoil suburban towns, and hid quietly lived with in love with his pupils, boys, pereterplivaya poverty brought their sausage, ocher and ultramarinchikom. And "a good piece of paper" for watercolor. The family forgave him obsession.

At times, he managed to get into the archaeological expedition, came from the mountains of sketches and stories, sketches, adventure, an awesome local lore, embroidery, beads, brats, stone buttons, scrapers Neolithic, Bronze horse, millennia-old piece of wood ... Now, remembering him more and more, I realize that it was the Master Teacher in my craft and life - love the color, line, space, trees, the sky - all left off the eye and that I wanted to leave. Gently lay it down on paper or canvas. Know and remember that art - that and to be able to see. And these are two differences, the two skills, two of happiness. And we should praise. And we should give. And to love. Love is contagious. That after you, they could no longer love. Great Teacher Man. He lived for ninety-five years, my "Dedya." "(" My dear Boris. "B.Zhutovsky)

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