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Payment Methods


- Payment for the courier

In St. Petersburg, you can pay the courier upon receipt of the goods. If you are interested in shipping to other cities in Russia, the shipping company will take delivery of SDEK or EMS Russian Post. EMS Russian Post can deliver the goods on delivery in almost any city in Russia.

- Bank transfer

This payment method is available for businesses. Payment for the order is made by legal persons by money transfer to our bank account. For the invoice should be sent to our e-mail: details of your legal entity. All necessary accounting documents (invoice and waybill) are issued with the order upon receipt. The goods are delivered only after the receipt of the money in the account.

- Bank Transfer

This payment method is available for individuals. Translations are provided by a receipt, which you can pay at any bank. Bank details for transfers from individuals (rubles, dollars, euros, yuan). The goods are delivered only after the money into our account.

- Delivery in St. Petersburg:

• Shopping in our online gallery of the city of St. Petersburg are delivered free of charge.
• The goods are delivered to your preferred time interval.
• Delivery time: 1-2 days without a baguette with your choice baguette 4-5 days.
• We can quickly (during the day) to make the picture, bought from us, and bring it to you.
• Pay for goods you can courier upon receipt, or by any other way you like. For more information on how to pay
• Terms and Conditions of delivery of the goods, made ​​to order, to be discussed separately.

- Delivery in Russia:

• If you paid for goods by bank transfer, MasterCard, Visa, electronic payments, etc., delivery by express company Daedalus Express.
cost and delivery time refines our manager.
• If you want to get the goods on delivery (pay- courier delivery) shall be delivered by the transport company SDEK. The cost and delivery times can be calculated on the company's website or clarify our manager. In other cities of Russia with cash on delivery is carried out by EMS - Russian mail.

- Delivery to other countries:

• Shipping is only by EMS - Russian mail. The cost and delivery times can be calculated on the website of the company
• The delivery is only after 100% payment. For more information about the methods of payment
• For shipping costs added to the cost of obtaining a permit to export from the Ministry of Culture (1000 rub. per job)

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