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Vasiliev Timofei Alexeyevich (1783-1838)

An interesting experiment, or in a modern language will not name, spent the first decades after the founding of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Since 1764 the Academy acted educational school, which takes five to six-year olds (of course, boys.) And the interesting thing is that many of the students later on became the real artists. Of course, was screened out, and for many, showed no artistic ability, taught various crafts.

It is an educational school was Timothy A. Vasiliev (1788-1803). In 1802, he received a small gold medal for the painting program "Jupiter punishes certain village, except Philemon and Baucis."

In 1803, T. Vassiliev booked diploma of the first degree with a sword.

In 1805-1806 he participated in the expedition YA Golovkin in the eastern regions of Russia. By this time the artist painted mainly landscapes. Expedition TA Vasilyev brought back a lot of paintings and sketches. For written in 1807, the painting "View of Selenginska" was awarded the title of Academician.

In the future, continued to write urban and rural landscapes, including views from the Siberian land. Was a counselor at the Academy of Fine Arts of landscape painting since 1815, and from 1818 to 1824 he held the post of inspector of the Academy.

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