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Utkin Peter Savich (1877-1934)

PS Utkin was born in the family of the railway. In Saratov studio of the Society of Fine Arts, and then in the Bogolyubov Drawing School (hereinafter - the school), he began his artistic education.

In 1897, he entered the Moscow School of Painting, where he studied until 1907 at I. Levitan , B. Serov , Korovin to . Together with his friend and fellow countryman in the college P. Kuznetsov Utkin was not only a participant, but also the organizer of the exhibitions "Scarlet Rose" (1904, Saratov) and "Blue Rose" (1907, Moscow). These expositions were an important milestone in the history of Russian symbolism.

 Dreaminess and musicality painting "Blue Rose" were also characteristic of the paintings with their characteristic Utkin names "Dream", "Mirage", etc. Its fantastic landscapes, often sustained in the Symbolists favorite blue-purple color, whimsical paintings, reminiscent of frost patterns on glass ("Mimosa", the 1900s), the artist created a reputation as the most consistent symbolist.

Decorative graphics Utkin graced the pages of the magazine "Golden Fleece", he was engaged in book illustration - in particular, has issued a book by the White "Silver Dove" (1910). It Utkin, together with P. Kuznetsov and sculptor Matveev, Y. Zhukovsky invited for the decoration of his estate in the Crimea. Utkin held in New Kucuk Something 1909-14 gg., Working on the paintings villas and romantic landscapes of Crimea. In 1918, the artist settled in Saratov, he taught at the Drawing School. AP Bogolyubov Proletkult in the studio, doing the stand and painted landscapes. In autumn 1931, he moved to Leningrad, where, at the invitation of the Academy of Arts, he became a professor of the picturesque offices IZHSA.

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