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Tanks Ivan Mikhailovich (1740-1799)

Beautifully yet expressed themselves in the XVIII century Russian people. The painting, for which Ivan Tanks received the title of academician, was called, perhaps, quite in the spirit of the time (up to Pushkin was still far away): "The village and the cause of a fire in the hold, which is required to provide night-time residents, saving yourself themselves, cattle and houses from the fire has spread. " It is time to award the title of academician of the class of literature.

But irony aside (albeit good). I. Tanks, came relatively late in the painting seems to adequately studied for the Academy of Arts (1771-1778), since the discharge of the painting "Village Feast" was recognized as the "designated" in academics. Wrote IM Tanks landscapes and domestic (and not only the household, judging by the pictures) on a background of nature scenes. Of course, all of his paintings were executed in accordance with the academic regulations, and therefore bore (note to people of the XVIII century) idealized beauty. And, perhaps, not only for those times that approach to the purpose of art has been very positive.

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