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Pukirev Vasily Vladimirovich

Vladimir was born into a peasant family Pukirev. He studied at the iconographer in Mogilev. In the second half of 1840. it falls to Moscow and after a while, in 1847, enters the MUZHV, where he successfully engaged in, it becomes a beautiful draftsman.

Successfully completing the course in 1858, Pukirev makes a living writing of icons and portraits.
soon returned to his native school already as a teacher figure.
in 1860 received the title of academician of the large portrait sketch "Girl."

And in 1863, appears on the academic exhibition "The Unequal Marriage" (1862), and the name of the whole Russian Pukirev learns: the painting caused a heated debate in the press. The position of its supporters most accurately expressed Stasov: "Finally." Finally, there was major work (in the literal sense, too - the figures are almost life-size) on the subject, taken from modern life. Indeed, Pukirev managed to create a picture that was just doomed to success. The story is familiar to the audience. Clearly revealing, in the spirit of the time, the mood of the author. Clarity of expression and psychological characteristics. Classical in its simplicity composition, great painting, masterly, carried almost to the illusory nature of painting (not coincidentally Pukirev was a pupil of SK Zaryanko ).

Following the classical Renaissance tradition, the artist depicted in the film and himself (the best man figure on the right), thus becoming not just a witness, but a party going on. This was unexpected and new to Russian art of the time.
Painting acquired sharp-private sound: Right best man stands out among the characters of the second plan, it forms a composite figure and semantic triangle with figures of the bride and groom's old. Perhaps that is why "The Unequal Marriage" was perceived as a tragic love story of the artist. The legend that has survived to the present day.

However, there are other documented version of the conception of the picture: the story of unrequited love one another Pukirev SM Barents Sea, the story of one of the stories of Ukrainian writer EP Combs. Anyway, the idea was in the air literally and Pukirev found its spokesman. Painting bought Pavel Tretyakov, AH Pukirev awarded the title of "professor of painting folk scene."

And the subsequent work of the artist ("In the Artist's Studio", 1865, "Sexton explains peasants scene of Doomsday" 1868, "collection of debts", "ease off", both in 1870, and others) were a success, but they have not risen Pukirev above-average genre paintings of those years.

In 1873, the artist fell ill and was forced to leave teaching. In 1879, his colleagues have made for a modest pension. But money is not enough, painting did not work out. Pukirev sold his collection of paintings, I have an apartment. And changed its character, especially friendly and soft. In 1890, a half-forgotten painter died in poverty.

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