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Deeps Matvey (1716-1797)

Formation of Russian art is primarily associated with the creation of the national Academy of Arts. Protectionist policies of the first presidents of the Academy in respect of Russian, or at least the Russian citizenship teachers quickly led to the fact that approximately 1765 foreign teachers were at the Academy of exception.

It was at that time a professor at the Academy of the historical genre was Matvey Deeps, who in 1762 was awarded the title of academician of the painting "Meeting of Alexander the Great and Diogenes." Probably, the canvas was of a craft-academic and bore no signs of genius author. But note that the Academy and had to give a stable composition skills are verified, the canonical arrangement of figures and objects. This was trained MI Deeps. That he taught his students.

Became famous second picture, MI Puchinova "The Death of Camilla, Sister of Horace" - a typical historical canvas Russian masters 1760-1780-ies. It was at this time there was the mastery of experience of European art and approved in the domestic art historical genre paintings, which included canvases painted with mythological or biblical subjects.

Matvey Deeps was among the first native artists who made the steps on this path is still our fine arts, and for this honor and praise him.

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