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Plakhov Laurel Kuzmich (1810-1881)

The value of AG Venetsianov in the history of Russian art is difficult to overestimate. Disciples of the great masters were great Russian painters. Interesting fact - about the exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1830, wrote: "... the right side of the entrance is filled with works of pensioners and students of the Academy of Fine Arts, both foreign and domestic fans, and almost half of the left side - the works of students Venetsianov!" Among the latter, there were also three paintings Laurel Plahova Kuzmich, who came from a military family, had a great aptitude for artistic creation and in 1829 visited the school Venetsianov. In 1832, L. Plakhov foreign student was enrolled in the landscape painting class at the Academy , MN Vorobyov . As academics, who had by that time advances in the practice of painting, he began to receive twenty rubles a month on a table and a hundred and fifty rubles a year on clothes.

 Subject of most paintings, LK Plahova - direct influence AG Venetsianov. Only farmers in the canvases of the great romantic Plahova replace people craftsmen - carpenters, blacksmiths, artisans and workers. Hence the title of his painting, "Kucherskaya Academy of Fine Arts", "carpenter's workshop, where the work involved and the one fanning the fire", "hoop workshop", "bricklayer", "Forge".

 In 1836, L. Plakhov completes the academic course, gets the title of class artist and a certificate of the first degree. The funds of the Company to promote artists, he visited an internship in Germany. "Do not I ought to go from Russia to study Russian genre," - visited the painter himself. It is the best written works on a national basis, LK Plahova treated words patron of many artists VI Grigorovich: "The intricate and the truth in his work, agility, drawing and writing, and most of all nationalities ... forced to guess the author of a strong talent in the way of painting, drawing attention to the very few artists."

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