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Donatovich Vladimir Orlovsky (1842-1914)

Well-known landscape painter Vladimir Donatovich Orlovsky was born in Kiev, where the city was the first high school art classes. During his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts (1861-1868) young Orlovskii visited many places of European Russia: in the Crimea, Kyiv and Tauride, Moscow, Finland. For studies and student work academics won two silver and a small gold coin. On the competitive program graduate of the Academy presented the three Crimean landscape, which brought him a gold medal, the title of the class artist of the first degree and three-year trip to Europe. The artist studied and wrote museums in France, Switzerland and Italy.

 On his return from abroad lot of work, travels across Russia, bringing of travel sketches, sketches, paintings. Since 1874 Orlovskii - Academician, and since 1878 - professor of landscape painting and a member of the Academy of Fine Arts. His paintings with views of the surrounding area of ​​St. Petersburg, Little Russia, central Russia and the North Caucasus - welcome guests at domestic and international exhibitions. Much attention VD Orlovsky gave the development of fine arts in the country. Special participation - in the development of art education in Kiev. His creations are today in many museums, showing art-lovers the highest examples of Russian landscape of the second half of the XIX century.

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