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Mikhail Fedorovich Larionov


Mikhail Larionov was born into a military family medical assistant. In the provincial Tiraspol spent his childhood years. In 1898, he entered the Moscow School of Painting, where he studied with K. Korovin and V. Serov . The school Larionov met Nikolai Goncharova , who became his faithful companion.

 On the early years of study have, impressionistic period of creativity Larionov. In the legacy of French artists, he created a whole manner of painting series.

 The intensity of color, textures distinguish the wealth of scenic paintings such as "rose bush", "sad", "Fish in the Sunset" (all 1904). These and similar works enjoyed success in the exhibitions of the Society of Russian watercolors, CPX, "World of Art", in the Russian exhibition of the Salon d'Automne in Paris in 1906.

In 1907, Larionov discovered primitive folk art - Russian popular print, sign and craft and so. Primitive stage in the artist's work is perhaps the most fruitful.

 Larionov is interested in the so-called street culture. Appeared his series "Franta" and "hairdressers". The exhibition "Jack of Diamonds" in 1910, he shows the painting "Bread", reminiscent of the bakery sign. The exhibition "Donkey's Tail" in 1912, organized by Larionov, which was also attended by N. Goncharova , K. Malevich , V. Tatlin , A Shevchenko , M. 3. Chagall , were exhibited paintings from the "soldier's series." They said the property artist's impression of military service, which he had to pass after the end of school in 1910

Primitivism Larionov find inspiration even in the intake figures and inscriptions.
During the 1910's. Larionov distinguished himself as a brilliant organizer he led a group of young artists in Moscow, in 1913, prepared an exhibition of popular prints, which included the eastern and European folk pictures, signs, printed cakes, etc., many - from the collection of Larionov, in the same year held an exhibition of iconic originals and popular prints.

 He is actively involved in artistic debates, spread in that time. In particular, in 1913, held a dispute on "East, West and nationality" preceding the opening of the "Target". It Larionov and his team have clearly identified their "eastern" orientation. At the "Target", where on display as works by self-taught artists and children's drawings, Larionov presented the work in progress of the series "Venus" and four canvas "The Seasons" (1912), which were regarded by critics as a challenge.


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