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Korzukhin Alexei Ivanovich (1835-1894)

Russian painter, a master of painting, a typical representative of the art "Wanderers". Born on Uktusskaya factory (now Yekaterinburg) 11 (23) in March 1835 in a family of serfs promyvalschika gold. Already in the 1840s, wrote the icons for the local Church of the Transfiguration and portraits of family members. In 1848 the family moved to Ekaterinburg Mint. After leaving in 1857 to St. Petersburg, in 1858-1863 he studied at the Academy of Arts, in 1860 has been released from the obligation to service the mountain. Member of the "revolt of fourteen" (1863), was a founding member of the "Artel of Artists" (1864) and "Association of the Wanderers" (1870), however, due to the organizational and ideological differences (Korzukhin was against too sharp break with the Academy and the official art system in overall) participation in exhibitions of the partnership did not accept. Lived mostly in St. Petersburg.

In the 1860s, there was his "classically peredvizhnicheskogo" painting style, style thorough picture-novels, symbolically locking sad and dark, or, conversely, a major aspect of daily life. Among the typical products of Korzukhina: "Commemorating the village cemetery" (1865), "Bird Enemies" (1887), "Do crust of bread" (1890, all of the work - in the Russian Museum), and is most known for the last two paintings - with the boys, and birders a poor peasant girl, wistfully contemplating their hungry children. Large fortunes were also masters of the paintings "Before confession" (1876-1877, 1st option in the Picture Gallery of Tver, 2nd - the Tretyakov Gallery), and "The Monastery Hotel" (1879-1882, Tretyakov Gallery), in the manner of H . S.Leskova cathedral depicting the life of common people in his colorful contrasts of the sacred and the mundane. Often took the church orders, the largest of which was the participation in the beautiful decoration of the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (1875-1877). The close proximity of secular and religious themes (for example, the idea of ​​"Monastic hotel" been born at the time when he made a pact on the painting of the church in Yelets, visited St. Tikhon's Monastery in Zadonsk) closer the best of his works to the symbolism. After witnessing the assassination of Tsar Alexander II, then experienced severe nervous shock. Since then, a lot of sick, though, and continued to work actively (singing, in part, "The Last Supper" for the cathedral in Riga, 1891). Korzukhin died in St. Petersburg, 18 (30), October 1894.

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