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Lev Kamenev (1832-1886)

According to Konstantin Korovin in landscapes L. Lev Kamenev "through some sort of ethereal poetry of Russian forests, roads, hills, covered with bushes, and illuminated the evening sun village." It's amazing, considering the small size corners of Russian nature in landscapes Kamenev, really start to feel injurious multicolored beauty of our nature, and to understand that this is a painter who has made ​​a significant contribution to the great art of the XIX century Russian landscape.

 Lev Kamenev studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1854-1857), where his teachers were KI Rabus and AK Savrasov , visited Germany and Switzerland, and became perhaps the most prominent Russian artists working fine lyrical landscapes.

 In fact, creativity, LL Kamenev extends over a decade - the 1860s. His paintings are willing to meet and even more willing to buy. Therefore fabric artist well represented in many art museums around the country. Nor was he deprived and official recognition - in the 1869 LL Kamenev became an academician. In 1871, the painter actively Founding member of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions.

 However, since that time all of the artist's paintings rarely appear at trade shows, and his name is often mentioned in connection with "the disease - fatal predilection" of many geniuses of world art. LL Kamenev was, unfortunately, representative of the Russian quota, not expressing themselves through, often really great masters.

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