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Fricke Loggin Hristianovich (1820-1893)

Fricke (Longin Hristianovich) - landscape painter (1820 - 93).

In 1833, he enrolled in the Imperial Academy of Arts, was a student in her professor , MN Vorobyov and during the course of its passage was rewarded for his success a large silver medal in 1835, a small gold medal in 1837 and has repeatedly praised the academic council. Released from the academy in 1839 with the rank of Class XIV and a gold medal awarded to him for the "View near Dorpat."

After that was sent to foreign lands for further improvement. After spending six years in Italy, in 1847, returned to St. Petersburg, and for work performed abroad, was elevated to the rank of the academician.

When he was with his works on academic exhibitions only twice, in 1854 and 1855 respectively, soon threw quite artistic career, he settled in the Crimea, where he died.

Fricke are inaccurate picture of the drawing and correct transfer of linear perspective, but conventional and sluggish in colors. As a sample of his paintings can be specified on the "View of the estate of Fall, near Revel", located at the Museum of Emperor Alexander III in St. Petersburg.

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