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Franz Rudolf Fedorovich (1831-1918)

Born in Berlin and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in it Fedorovich Rudolf Frentz with good reason we refer to the Russian artists. And not even because he received Russian citizenship. More importantly, all of his work took place in our country. He became one of the annalists Russian life and lived his entire life in the village Roshal, near Gatchina, near St. Petersburg.

He was famous for RF Frentz primarily features his talent and position in society. Good checkered artist scene, one way or another connected with the image of dogs: Hunter with dogs, hunters with hounds, fox baiting, Cozy Corner, In hunting, After the Hunt, Dog, Pointing dog, before hunting. Sustainable same position in the artistic circles of RF Franz won thanks to the highest orders of the members of the imperial household. Initially, the artist painted a series of paintings for the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, remembering him in a series of "Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich on the hunt." For several years, was in the retinue of the future Emperor Alexander III, often taking part in the maneuvers.

The artist wrote a lot and for the soul: Farm house in Finland, portraits of horses, Maternal joy, family chickens, entrance to the village, bonfire, winter, winter landscape. RF Franz was involved not only in the academic and international exhibitions that it was a matter of organic. His paintings were presented at the exhibitions and the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions.

Academician of the same RF Frentz was only in 1912, so that the proximity to the powers that be do not always bring some benefits, awards or other extraordinary preferences.

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