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Cal Ivan Vasilyevich


Creative fate of brothers iCal known Russian engravers, largely coincide. Come from a peasant family, they fall in 1793 "by the highest command" to the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, where trained engraver's art in I. Klauber.

 After the organization in 1799 graverno-class landscape they were transferred there as engravers. Here, under the guidance of Sam. Shchedrin, along with other young artists (SF Galaktionov, AG Ukhtomskiy, ID Telegin) they are working on a series of species and country palaces of St. Petersburg.

 In 1800, the brothers receive the title of Cesky nominated: Kozma - for engraving "View of Black Sea Fleet squadron," Ivan - for "View of the palace in Gatchina from the garden."

In 1803, the brothers leave graverno-class landscape, not breaking, however, links to Arts.

The relatively small in terms of the legacy of the older of the brothers, Cosmas Chesky, has high merit and thematic diversity. He worked in the classical technique of copperplate engraving and aquatint on copper. In 1811 he carried out prints to the atlas travel IF Krusenstern, for which the artist was awarded the title of Academician. Following them master nagraviroval 8 figures to the atlas of another famous traveler - GA Sarychev, who in 1780-90s. explored the coast of North-Eastern Siberia and the Aleutian Islands. In addition, Kozma Cesky translated into an engraving of portraits (eg, Earl M. Miloradovich 1800s), rural and urban landscapes ("View of the Alexander Square in the city of Poltava", 1808, with the original F. Alexeyev).

However, the best among his works are clearly engraved romantic views of suburban royal residences with original Sam. Shchedrin ("View of Peel Tower in Pavlovsk Park," 1803, etc.). Unfortunately, the artist's life was cut short in his prime, and he has not had time to fully realize their talent.

The legacy of Ivan Chesky is about 150 engravings done, as a rule, with the originals of different artists in the technique of copperplate engraving on copper, and a dotted line. This scenery (urban, rural, landscaping), portraits, play-known paintings, prints and books for printing on porcelain. The most famous, of course, is the large-sized species suburban royal residences with original Sam. Shchedrin relating to the series of works related to the activities of graverno-class landscape, "View of Cascade near the chalet in the garden city of Pavlovsk", "View of the fortress city of Pavlovsk from the lake", "View of the Temple of Friendship with the Cascade near the chalet in the garden city of Pavlovsk "(all 1801-03), etc.

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