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Bromirsky Peter Ignatievich (1886-1920?)

BROMIRSKY, PETER Ignatievitch (1886-1919/20) was a Russian painter, a master of sculpture and painting, representative of symbolism. Born in the town of Ustilug (Volyn province, Ukraine), June 29 (July 11) in 1886 to a poor middle class family. Arriving in Moscow in 1904, he lived in the house psychiatrist F.A.Usoltseva, where he met with the patient Mikhail Vrubel , who became his first mentor in the arts.

In 1905-1913 he worked in the modeler majolica workshop S.I.Mamontova a ceramic factory in Butyrskoj outposts in Moscow. He attended the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1906-1910), where he, in particular, in the class P.P.Trubetskogo, met at the school with MFLarionov . He took part in the exhibition "Blue Rose" (1907).

In 1910 he traveled with Mamontov to Italy. He returned to Moscow in connection with the death of Vrubel and acquitted him of the death mask.

In 1914-1917 he served in the army. Since 1917, creatively approached the V.N.Chekryginym . He taught at the art school and N.I.Vasileva Free art workshops (since 1918).

Typical images-vision in the spirit of symbolism "Blue Rose" sometimes joined in his watercolors and gouaches of the second half of the 1900s (Billiards (Death of Pierrot), private collection, Moscow) with grotesque irony. Over time, central to his painting and drawing received the gospel theme (Visitation and other drawings of the late 1910s - in the Tretyakov Gallery).

 Came to the fore in the years and how wonderful sculptor, combining impressionistic texture with a sharp decorative flair (The Girl with the child, tree, 1905, Museum-Reserve "Abramtzevo"; bark, gypsum, 1918-1919, Russian Museum).

In 1919 he created - the plan "monumental propaganda" - his masterpiece, a monument to VI Surikov Moscow's Red Square as a figure of apocalyptic angel with a sword and a cup in his hand. Parts of the huge figure had already been implemented in the material (sheet metal, technology knockout), but never collected, then stored in the museum's storerooms in Zagorsk, where he disappeared, most likely deposited by metal (still include several preparatory drawings and plaster sketch in the archives of the Ministry of Culture in Sergiev Posad).

Bromirsky died of typhus in Moscow in December 1919 (or January 1920). Charm of religious and symbolic designs Bromirskogo posthumously made him one of the "founders" of the "Jack of Diamonds", where the name of the prematurely deceased master was surrounded by a special honor.

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