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Aladzhalov Hristoforovich Manuel (1862 - 1934)

After receiving primary education at the Art School in Rostov-on-Don Manuel (Emmanuel) Hristoforovich Aladzhalov continued comprehension graphic reading and writing in the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1883-1890). The young man was lucky among his teachers were such luminaries of Russian art as AK Savrasov , II Levitan , VE Makovsky . And the time contributed to the rapid release of young painters to independent way: there arose no small number of associations of artists, was arranged a large number of different exhibitions. And so, beginning to participate in student exhibitions, in later times M. Aladzhalov successfully demonstrated his views on exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Arts, the Association of the Wanderers, the Union of Russian Artists.

Multiple canvases Aladzhalova were devoted to the nature of central Russia different times of the year, "the spring", "Winter in the Country", "Summer in the Country," "Moonlight," "Winter," "Early Spring," "Summer Evening," " In Kostroma Ples "," On the River Moscow "," flesh "," Early Spring, "" River in the forest "," Dali and the sky. " He did not level with its famous teachers, but was a solid member, so to speak, a second-tier Russian landscape painters. Therefore, the work MH Aladzhalova eagerly bought up, and they are present in many museums around the country.

In Soviet times, the artist continued to paint landscapes, became a member of the Association of realist artists. Aladzhalov and known as an experienced teacher, who began teaching at the Stroganov School since the beginning of the twentieth century and lay the foundations of the Soviet school landscape.

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