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Vesnin Alexander Alexandrovich (1883-1950)

Alexander [p. 16 (28). V. 1883] - Russian Soviet architect and stage designer. Honorary Member of the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSR (1956). Professor. He graduated from the Institute of Civil Engineers in St. Petersburg (1912).

In the theater he worked in 1919-25. The designer was in a small T-re ("Inspector", 1919, "The Marriage of Figaro", 1920; "Path to Glory" Scribe, 1922), the Moscow theater for children ("Pearl Adalminy" Topelius, 1921).

Passion for A.Vesnina Cubo-Futurism and Constructivism especially apparent in his scenery for plays sinks. Chamber Theater, where the artist is in the spirit of kubofuturizma treated forms of medieval Gothic ("The Annunciation" Claudel, 1920) and the classical world of antiquity ("Phaedra" Racine, 1922), a complex system of metal structures, ladders, tools, moving walkways and elevators A.Vesnin applied in the play "The Man Who Was Thursday" GK Chesterton (1923), trying with all these elements embody the idea of ​​"urbanism" show deadening mechanized world capitalist city.

Despite the abstract nature, self-contained entertainment these works, they say more skill A.Vesnina, manifested in a harmonic proportionality prostranstranstvennyh architectural forms of its scenery, their inner rhythm. Specific to A.Vesnina search figurative expressiveness and emotionality identified a way to overcome misconceptions and formalistic coming artist to pealizmu characterizing beyond creativity A.Vesnina as an architect. A.Vesnin led teaching work (hudozhestv. High-tech. Institute, b. Vhutemas).

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