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Vasilkovsky Sergei Ivanovich (1854-1917)

Landscapes class artist of the first degree Adian Vasilkovskaja were well known in the 1880-1890's. Worthy of going through a course of training at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he received regular training for the sketches, drawings, paintings silver and gold medals, S. Vasilkovsky after a large gold medal (1885) for landscape work, "Spring," "Dawn," "Step in the spring Malorosssii "serving for four years in the pensioner's trip to Europe. By this time the artistic center of Western painting is Paris. It was his elect S. Vasilkovsky center of his residence, where he traveled to France and its neighboring countries.

Years trip proved fruitful for the artist. His landscapes "Hunting for quail in Normandy", "typical Breton mansion", "View of the Pyrenees," "After the Rain (Spain)", "Landmarks of San Sebastiano", "Collection of apples for cider," "Winter Evening in the Pyrenees" (all - 1888-1889) gave fame. After returning home favorite motif of his canvases is Little Russian steppe (apparently, so strong were children's experiences of the artist, who was born in Kharkov). It was his animated figures blade ("Zaporozhets for exploration", "Ghosn began," "Watchtower at the Cossacks," "Two in the hamlet of Little Russia," "Picket Cossack") properly included in the collection of Russian art museums.

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