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Yevgraf Semenovich Sorokin (1821-1892)

It is of interest as sufficiently prepared to drawing and painting twenty Yevgraf Sorokin went to the Academy of Fine Arts.

Emperor Nicholas I on one show spotted the painting "Peter the Great for Mass at the cathedral," he notes with drawing a portrait AM Matveev and anticipates as a gifted painter. Whether the name like the Russian autocrat, or the painting itself, or whether it also recognizes the author of the picture - E. Sorokin - an outstanding artist. Only the story ended with the fact that the emperor issued a decree on admission Yevgraf Semenovich Sorokin student at the Academy of Fine Arts. And it did, for disaccustomed E. Sorokin at the Academy of dignity, received silver and gold medals, and in 1850 went abroad pensioner Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty.

Abroad, the artist painted many genre paintings of Italian and Spanish life. On his return to Russia (1859) quickly became an academician - for the painting "The Annunciation". For his work for the church of Christ the Savior in Moscow, received the title of professor of history painting (1878).

By this time he had to work a teacher at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Academic education is naturally affected the style of ES Sorokin. His paintings are well arranged, written and cleanly produce a well-deserved respect for the talent of the master.

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