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Solncev Theodore G. (1801-1892)

Becoming a nation always on their feet showing increased interest in their past. It was after the Napoleonic wars, when Russia began to play a prominent role in solving European problems, the Russian society had a need to know more about yourself.

Did much for the study of ancient art graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts Theodore G. Sun, which led Varnek and Egorov (1815-1825) mastered the domestic arts and iconography.

 Back in the Academy of Fedor Solncev paints a picture "Peasant family before dinner" (1824), for which received a gold medal. The young artists offer attractive prospects. Especially as a fancy to him the family of Nicholas I. Perhaps the Emperor and had a decisive influence on the creative life of F. Solntseva. In 1830, he was sent to the artistic and archaeological expedition to the ancient cities of Russia. Of the trip FG Solncev brings more than 3,000 watercolors, associated with ancient Russian art. From now on it - a connoisseur of antiquities chief of the Russian state, but because it is an authoritative expert, are attracted to the restoration work and new buildings in the Byzantine-Russian style.

The artist still has not parted with the oil and water colors, but its main achievements related to the artistic and archaeological activities. It was for her in 1876, he received the title of professor. And in 1885 the public Petersburg warmly celebrates the 50th anniversary of the assignment FG Solntseva title of academician - pleasing longevity, living with great benefit to the courtesy of the Fatherland.

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