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Vasily Petrov (1770 - 1810)

Vasily Petrov was a famous Russian landscape painter abroad XVIII-XIX centuries - a time when the eyes of many Russian artists drawn to landscape painting. His name can be delivered immediately after the names Seeds Shchedrin , Fedor Alekseev , plenty to do for the future of Russian landscape as active as teachers and masters of landscape painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Recall that in the establishment of the Academy teaching landscape painting had been made. Only in 1767, along with the historical, portrait and battle classes appeared and landscaping.

 VP Petrov was a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. Already at the age of nineteen, he is recognized as the "designated" in academics for the landscape "View Manor Peter I Soymonova." In 1806 the artist was awarded the title of academician of landscape painting.

Creativity VP Petrova, like his contemporary landscape painters, is a significant and accepted at the time the influence of the Italian landscape school. Decades when Russian landscape painting make to talk about myself as a phenomenon in the visual arts. In the meantime, she made the first steps. Among those who have contributed to this, and was VP Petrov.

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