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Mazurovskii Vikentievich Victor (1859-1944)

Hiking AV Suvorov and the war against Napoleon, the conquest of the Caucasus, the Crimean War with the defense of Sevastopol, and, finally, the Russian-Turkish war for the liberation of Bulgaria have found ample reflection in the works of Russian battle painters. In their series of art Victor Vikentyevich Mazurovsky occupies a worthy place.

 After receiving the initial artistic training at the Warsaw drawing class (1876-1878), the young man continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg at the beginning volnoprihodyaschim student, and later a full-fledged academics. The Academy V. Mazurovskii besides silver and receives two gold medals: small - for a training program "Attack of the Circassian Cavalry siding near the village of Bela in 1877" (1887) and a gold - for the diploma program "The Case of the Life Guards Hussar Regiment at Telish 3 October 1877 "(1888). Together with a large gold medal young painter of battle scenes is the title of class artist of the first degree and the pensioner's trip abroad. Followed independent works, such as "Attack of the platoon Life Guards regiment of Grodno on Turkish Circassians near the village of Bila in 1877" (1888), "The Case for Telish 3 October 1877" (1889), VV Mazurovskii confirmed their creative choices.

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